About - rickholtphoto
I’ve been photographing for 35 years, but the evolution of the Digital Darkroom has renewed my passion. In 1996, I was intrigued by the possibility of being able to have all the control that you would have in the “wet” darkroom and be able to do all of it on my desktop. Happily, my expectations were not simply met, but exceeded. Today you can produce fine art archival prints in both black and white and color. This adds a completely new dimension to the photographer’s repertoire. The media types for printing are just as exciting and offer the photographer an additional set of tools for realizing your vision. Photography is evolving new concepts and techniques. We have two new sets of tools: a new technology to capture light and a new way to process the image. The photographer must learn to use these new tools well enough so that the tool is an extension of the creative process, not a hindrance. As photographers, we have regained the complete control of processing our images. While learning new methods can be challenging, the rewards are great. I love teaching photographers who want to enter and explore the new age of our craft. I am keenly interested in helping other photographers expand their own vision, better understand the complexity of Photoshop, and expedite their own workflow. Nothing excites me more than sharing and igniting the same passion in photographers for all the possibilities of this technology. Watching students embrace and use all the new technologies to express their creativity is incredibly rewarding. I offer both services and instruction in the new digital paradigm. Printing our images brings its own particular satisfaction. I print with archival pigmented inks on various media. The ability to produce such high quality prints that are the exact fulfillment of my vision is deeply gratifying. As an Adobe Certified Expert, I offer courses and occasionally teach workshops in Photoshop, Lightroom and all aspects of photography including composition, exposure and the creative process. I have taught at the McDonald Digital Institute and helped found the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center in Seattle, Washington. I am currently partially retired and work with a few clients and will gladly work on a one on one basis or offer custom workshops to small groups.
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